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Kate Bednarska

My official titles are finance specialist, business analyst, personal trainer, and certified professional public speaker.

But, as is the case with most business owners, I wear many hats, and currently connect people with their needs globally.

I’m an author, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a dance teacher with a great passion.

I am conducting the role of a Business Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of working internationally. Combines oriented approach gained in large organizations in Poland with the flexibility and creativity required by the business venture.

I’ m living in Poland, currently, but I am very passionate about traveling and willing to have business travels as often as possible.

I and my team support you with the strategic advisory, marketing insight or communication issues in your company, based on our international experience and business knowledge.

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Kate Bednarska conveys knowledge in an accessible, simple, and professional way at the same time. I'm also pleased to learn from her inspirational posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. She knows many practical case studies, she is happy to share, and her knowledge is useful, open-minded, and well-served. I highly recommend the consultation conducted by it.​
Beata Barylska-Rachwalak
Communication Coach | Manager with over 20 years of sales experience
Kate is a total expert in social marketing & social selling. Many people I've worked with are hesitant to implement a real social selling strategy, Kate has the experience, expertise and the drive to understand different types of businesses and develop a strategy that attracts qualified prospects, who buy faster, more frequently and in higher quantities. Most business owners think they can do it themselves, or delegate to someone internally, this is usually a big mistake. If you work with Kate, she'll save you tons of money and years of wasted efforts. Every dollar or euro you spend working with Kate, you'll get a minimum 50x return on your money and likely much more. If Kate has identified you as someone she can help, don't pass up the opportunity to take your business to the next level.
Michael Tracy
Founder at Sales Journey
I remember perfectly the time of cooperation with Kasia. A unique person. Full of ideas and energy to all kinds of activities. Optimistic about any idea but also looking for other possibilities and solutions. Her constant pursuit of perfection made her classes interesting, varied, and professional. Kasia conducted general-development classes for all ages and all kinds of dance classes.​
Przemysław Świercz
Business Trainer | Motivational speaker